Mister Thoughts Is The Best In Dying Battle! By Bangjang96 On Deviantart

Mister Thoughts Is The Best In Dying Battle! By Bangjang96 On Deviantart

You’d suppose they would’ve mentioned the evil speaking caterpillar in there someplace. In this model, Mr. Mind was a suitably pulpy-sounding Venusian thoughts-worm. He was certainly one of many, in fact, with the complete species present as a hive thoughts. In addition to telepathically communicating with one another, the Mind Worms could crawl right into a human’s ear canal and use mind-management powers on their host. With his slithering physique, brilliant coloring, many appendages, and diminutive statute, Mister Mind seems rather a lot like an overgrown caterpillar – but don’t be mistaken. In the original comics he was launched as an alien who initially traveled to Earth hatching schemes for invasion, however his plans fell apart when Shazam teleported the entire worms into the depths of space.

Before you question who that worm was within the Post-Credit scene, learn this and you’ll know every little thing. , Mr. Mind would be a enjoyable villain for the sequel, however works greatest as a character when backed up by other villains. This overconfidence and oversight is Mind’s undoing as Billy Batson not only engages his nemesis personally, but exploits this weak point in neutralizing the newest incarnation of the Monster Society of Evil. Mind is bound to face the Shazam Family again, as he has for almost 80 years of comedian guide historical past. Unless he plans to better protect his telepathic abilities, his weakness makes him something of a pushover among Shazam’s rogues gallery.

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The next concern, after Mr. Mind telepathically commanded a military of termites to topple skyscrapers , Shazam finally found his true identity. With that, the evil mastermind was revealed as a worm sporting glasses who spoke via a tiny little old-timey radio speakerbox fastened around his neck. At the start of “The Monster Society of Evil,” Mr. Mind solely appeared as a disembodied voice crackling over a radio. While Mister Mind’s association specifically with Doctor Sivana goes back a long time, the cue-ball megalomaniac isn’t the character’s only relationship.

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He finds the Wizard Shazam’s spellbook — which has been sought by both Mind and Doctor Sivana to extend their power — and makes use of a spell to shrink himself down sufficiently small to enter his father’s ear and face Mister Mind one-on-one. Mind is incredibly intelligent and possesses highly effective telepathy and hypnotic talents, usually used to topic others to his will. Given his short stature, Mind is almost all the time seen carrying a talkbox round his neck. He uses this to project his voice and talk with or management people far bigger than himself — at least, when he isn’t capable of insert himself in their auditory canal to directly seize control through proximity to their brains. One of Shazam’s oldest foes, Mister Mind, is among the deadliest supervillains within the DC Universe, despite his traditional appearance as a minuscule worm.

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He ends up usurping leadership of the Monster Society of Evil from Doctor Sivana. Besides Mister Mind and Doctor Sivana, the Monster Society of Evil consists of Mister Atom, Kru’ll the Eternal, Ibac, Jeepers, Oom, and an unnamed Crocodile-Man . When it got here to combating Batman and the Marvel Family, Mister Mind goes inside the minds of the Marvel Family members, making them turn in opposition to each other. The toddler Batman manages to fire the expansion ray on Mister Mind, reducing him back to regular dimension. The Growth Ray is then used to revive Batman to his rightful age. A new Captain Marvel status format four-problem restricted series from DC Comics, Shazam!

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